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MIRA x Nakheel
Discover the best Nakheel properties together with MIRA. Explore a collection of prestigious properties, from luxury homes to prime investment opportunities. Our curated selection represents the gems of the UAE real estate market.
Nakheel Sales Center
9am - 5pm
9am - 5pm
Why attend?
Have a closer look at Nakheel properties. Take advantage of exclusive promotions and offers available only to event attendees.
Our team of real estate professionals will be on hand to provide personalized consultations. From understanding market trends to exploring financing options, our experts are here to guide you.
Learn the countless benefits of living in Dubai
Reserve a villa or an apartment right at the event
*Pay in cash, online, or in crypto
For expert consultations from MIRA x Nakheel
Who needs to attend?
thinking of moving to the UAE
looking for a passive income of up to 20% annually
looking for UAE residence visas for their families
looking forward to opening UAE bank accounts and minimising the taxes
Nakheel Sales Center


How to attend?
Expert consultations from MIRA x Nakheel
Nakheel Sales Center
About Mira
Mira is the leading Dubai real estate agency offering services in buying and selling property, taking it under management for generating rental income, and helping with residential visas and bank accounts in the UAE.

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